Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Saved by a Yell

Flannel was almost eaglet food today. Twice. There's a crested eagle nesting in the trees nearby. She's usually close enough for me to see her. Close enough to hit with a rock, I guess, but I have had no desire ever to throw a rock at an eagle. Plus, I'd miss. But today, I thought of picking up a rock and throwing it at her. She came so close, I probably could've hit her. She perched about 20 feet from my front door! First, she came and sat on my clothes line. Flannel and Toulouse (Davis and Jen's kitten) ran inside. I took a picture of the mother eagle (don't have my cables here; will have to upload it in Ilula tomorrow) and then she flew off. But no more than 10 minutes later, she was back. And this time, she swooped down at the two kittens! Kierra (a coworker who happened to be using my kitchen at the time) yelled. The kittens came charging into the house, their tails puffed up. Needless to say, I closed the door and kept them indoors for the rest of the afternoon.

I'm an over-protective mom, I think. But I just can't imagine seeing Flannel being carried to the trees and fed to baby eaglets! Yikes!


  1. Poor kittens they would have been so scared! Won't it be fun if that mama eagle and Flannel become friends. ;)