Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yes, please. No, thank you.

Back in Ilula. Tonight at the farewell dinner for Olesya, our Russian intern, I helped serve. After all the kids had gotten their food, I went around with the left-overs, dishing out little bit more to whoever wanted some. So I taught the kids some good manners in English. Usually, they'd just say, "Me! Adele! Me!" and hold out their plates. I taught them to respond to "Would you like some more chicken?" with a "Yes, please!" or a "No, thank you." They actually found it quite amusing to have to say that, but I wouldn't give them more food unless they'd ask me properly. Blame the Brit in me, I guess.

Afterwards, I stopped by the Rotich girls' room to get my Where's Waldo? book. A friend had sent it in a care package last week, and the kids LOVE it. In fact, they even covered it in plastic to protect it. They pointed out Waldo on each and every page. Now the book's going to the boys' room. They were thrilled when I explained to them how it works, but I had to bring the book home with me rather than leave it there tonight, since it was after bedtime, and they'd want to stay up and look.

Tonight, even little Dennis started talking with me. He was already in bed with the covers over his head when he kept saying, "Adele!" "Sema, Dennis!" (Speak!) Then he'd just giggle. The kid just turned 3 last week, so he's still learning English. Finally, he just say, "Adele! Kwaheri, Adele!" (Good-bye!) It was time to sleep, indeed.

I'm fighting a cold. Haven't had one in what seems like months. In fact, I can't remember the last cold I had. Not sure where this one came from! Must be from walking home in the rain last night after having chai and Davis and Jen's house.

Do I want a cold? No, thank you!

Would I like to sleep now? Yes, please!

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog every day. Thank you for bringing me closer to the children in Kenya. Much love and healing your way from our awesome God!