Friday, August 17, 2007


I've been chipping away at e-mail much of yesterday and today. From 80-some messages, I'm now down to 7. And still counting down...

I love e-mail. I love the convenience of connecting with people so quickly. But I don't like rushing a response in just a few seconds, unless it's something unimportant.

So, in the past 24 hours, I've written 68 messages. And my inbox is once again void of any mail. Till everyone starts responding to the messages I had sent!

Now, on to other work. I've been wanting to take advantage of high-speed Internet while in the city, but the connections here have been slow as molasses. I might have to go and find an Internet cafe somewhere and see if I can check off some important tasks off my list.

Clean out inboxes. (check)

Order photo books. (check, at last!)

See a movie. (not happening)

Meet cool people - umm, and not-so-cool-ones who seem afraid to smile - at Mayfield. (check)

Get a haircut. (check)

Buy groceries to entertain guests. (check)

Hide at Java House and get lots of work done. (check)

Tonight, I'm picking up Allison and Kelly McCright, interns from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ah, they're going to have a blast being in Kenya! For the Iowans reading this, please do keep the girls in your prayers, that their 6 weeks in Kenya will be life transforming.

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  1. Adele,

    While you're in Nairobi, go meet Linda! She's a missionary from PA teaching music etc to local students at a Christian school Her blog is

    You'll probably recognize the school from the pictures.