Monday, June 04, 2007

We serve a BIG God

Spent much time this morning interviewing one of our children for a story I'm writing. It was incredible to hear how much this child has gone through in her short life, and to hear her say, "The best thing about being here? Here, I met Jesus!" Having talked about some of the stuff really hurt, but she was strong, until she started talking about her older sister... "I hear she is sleeping outside. She has a baby, and she's sleeping outside with that baby. Sometimes when I lie in bed, I cry because I think, 'Agnes is somewhere outside...' I really hope to see her someday soon and tell her about Jesus and I pray she will find a good, Christian husband to care for her." Wow. What does one do when you hear something like that? I just wished I could hop in my car and go help Agnes... But we don't even know where she is, so that's not an option.

The highlight of my visit, though, was when I remembered that two nights ago, when I went to say good-night to the kids, this girl showed me a boil she had on her neck, asking if I had medicine for it. I told her to come to my house the next day so I could put something on it, but right then, I prayed for God to heal it. When I asked about the boil today, it was gone. As in, not a trace of it! We serve an AMAZING God! I so desire to see Him do more healings in this community--even, or maybe, especially, healing people with HIV/AIDS! I will keep praying!

Later in the morning, while we were in church, Nelson (one of the dads) was called to take someone to the hospital. Nelson was supposed to preach. I didn't know that until his wife Dorcas, who had been leading worship, said, "Adele, will you introduce the visitors (interns) and then bring us the message?" I literally had a minute before I had to get up and preach! God proved to be faithful. I do believe he showed me what to share, and I left humbled yet again at what an awesome God we serve!

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  1. Wow, Dellie. God is GOOD! :) Tom had a similar experience when he was visiting Kenya.

    Love you!