Tuesday, June 19, 2007

News that's happening around me

I've posted several updates recently on the ELI blog. Be sure to check it out. These are all stories written by colleagues. However, it gives you an idea of the world I live in, of that which is happening around me. Moving stories. Stories of hope. Stories of day-to-day life in Kipkaren. Stories of what ELI is doing in the D.R. Congo, bringing hope to people in that war-torn region.

The only news from this side is that I was finally able to complete a newsletter to the children's sponsors today, a piece that has been long in the making. I'm posting JPEG files of the document here. Hoping this would work. Click on each individual page to see a larger, readable version.

As for the latest on my car: I got a call from my mechanic. Bad news. Seems like my gearbox needs major work. Expensive work. Ugh. I should know more tomorrow...


  1. Adele,

    I really appreciated your creativity with the newsletter. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.


    Your Iowa Friend

  2. Nice newsletter Adeleeee. Like the way you have the 'imagine' on the front and the back page. It looks cool.
    How is the flannel?

  3. Hi Adele,
    I just came across your blog through ELI and am enjoying reading about your adventures. You're in my prayers!
    -Allison Oster

  4. Allison, I'm guessing you found the blog following the APU team's adventures. Steve and I were just talking about you and Tally the other day. When he told me he works in Creative Media, I asked about you girls. Hope you're doing well.