Saturday, June 02, 2007

Let the children come...

Yesterday, the children's home ran out of water. Not sure what the issue is. Probably similar to mine. There's city water, but it's not filling up the tank that provides water to the home... So by 6:15 this morning until now (11), there has been a constant chatter outside as little ones were filling up buckets from this side of our compound and carrying them over to the home. And since they're on this side of the compound, all of the kids want to say good morning to me.

I know, this is reality for many a missionary who works at/near an orphanage! I've visited my friends in Mozambique and experienced the same. It's also day-to-day reality for mothers, I believe. Except, as a mom, you can't tell the visitors to come back later... :)

As I've been trying to do Bible study and to read, I've had a knock on my door every few minutes. Literally!

"Adele! How are you? Which movie will we see today, Adele?"

"Wait and see."

"Wait and see? What is that one about?"

I chit chat for a little bit, then tell the little ones I'll visit later this afternoon. A few minutes later, someone else knocks.

"Adele! How is your day? Will we see a movie today? Where is the kinyonga (chameleon), Adele? What is this flower called? Did you have a good safari (journey)? Your house is clean, Adele! What are you doing? ... Studying the Bible? What are you studying in the Bible, Adele? Adele, what is this basin for? ... A bird bath? Why would the birds bath, Adele? ... Is it just so you can watch them, or to catch the birds?"

So I visit a while, silently praying that I would not get so caught up in the stuff that I need to do that I miss out on the opportunity to just love the kids, to minister to their little hearts by listening to their stories, by answering their plethora of questions. Could it be that that was the dilemma the disciples were facing when they sent the children away and Jesus interrupted, saying, "Let the children come to me..."

God, grant me wisdom to know how to truly minister to the little ones' hearts while trying to be wise in having healthy boundaries.

What would Jesus do? I think I know.

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