Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kids, Computers and Cats

I spent some time taking pictures at the school yesterday. One of my favorite pictures of the day is this one of little Collins.
We welcomed Juli back to Kipkaren yesterday. Tonight, I'm having the Mr. and Mrs. Bush over for dinner. Not the President and the first lady, no. The directors of the children's home. Their last name is Busienei, so they go by Bush for short. I'm making putu, the South African version of ugali, because Bush says he hasn't eaten unless he's had ugali.

It's a gorgeous day. I spent all day in the office, most of the time on the phone with our ISP in Nairobi, trouble-shooting networking issues. It never ceases to amaze me how much patience tech support guys have!

Off to my house to cook. Tomorrow, I may be getting a kitten. It'll be a traveling kitten, since I'd get to lug it back and forth between here and Ilula. I'll have to get a container to put it in since it can't well travel in the Land Rover without being in a cage of sorts. I'm moving up in the world, from a chameleon to a kitten. Kittens are way more cuddly. And I discovered I'm no longer allergic to them, which is a plus.

Heading back to Ilula tomorrow to prepare to receive a team. Then to Nakuru to take the interns on safari/debriefing on Saturday. I'll be back to Kipkaren with the team on Sunday.

Can't think what else to write... Lots happening, just not stuff you may want to read about. Selah.

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