Friday, February 16, 2007

This is just WRONG!

It's -9F outside. That's -22C! But it's windy, so it feels like it's -25F (-31C)! That's just not right! I was out earlier, taking Danette and her mom to the airport. My computer was in the back seat for just a while, and even though I've been indoors for a while now, it still feels like my arms are resting on a block of ice. I'm very, very thankful for good heating. In fact, I came straight from the airport to Java Creek, one of the local coffee shope to sit here and work. There's a fireplace, but both comfy seats closest to the fire are taken right now. Can't wait for those people to leave so I can get closer to the fire...

Last night, my friend Karen and I went to see a movie. It was sort of silly to go out considering the cold weather. Meetings were being called off everywhere, but there we were, heading out. There were no long lines at the movies. In fact, until about 20 minutes into the movie, we were the only people in the theater. We saw The Last Sin Eater. Based on Francine Rivers' book by the same title, it's a powerful story of redemption, but also about the power that one person can have in changing their culture by seeking to know the Truth. It's well worth seeing. Perhaps not in sub-zero weather, but nevertheless, it's worth seeing.

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