Monday, February 05, 2007

At home with the Clarks

About six years ago, a quiet high school graduate walked into my office in Taiwan and with it, walked into my life. Jessie was an intern for the summer, and returned the next 2 summers. Her family lived in California, and when I was in LA for a Folio conference, I got to meet some of the Clark family. When APU offered me the opportunity to come and earn a master's degree the next year, Jessie's family offered me a place to stay. We thought it would be a part-time arrangement, me living in their garage-turned-into-a-bedroom. But we all decided that it was a good arrangement, so for two years, I was the GD/"garage dweller" at the Clarks'.

Tonight, I returned home to spend the week at their house while in SoCal for meetings at the ELI office. How very blessed I am to have such amazing friends in my world. As we sat around the dinner table tonight, telling stories and laughing, my heart was warm with love for this, yet another of my "adopted families."

I can say much about them and how they've blessed my life, but it's 1 am here, which means it's 3 back in Iowa... I'm tired. Time to sleep. I'm falling asleep to a worship song, "You are good." God is good, indeed!

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