Sunday, February 25, 2007


I was going to see Amazing Grace with my friend Pam last night and attend a Beth Moore simulcast at church today. However, I'm stuck at home. We're having a terrible storm that started last night with freezing rain. The freezing rain has continued on and off since late afternoon yesterday so that most of the windows in the house now look like etched bathroom windows because of the layer of ice on the outside. There's at least half an inch of ice out on the driveway. Not safe at all to be outside... I'll stay put right where I am. At least being stuck in the house has given me an opportunity to tackle tasks such as going through boxes that I'm storing at Danette's house. What better time to get into the attick and sort through things than now. I've had enough sorting for a bit, though. I'm going to get comfortable with a book, I think.

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