Sunday, February 25, 2007


Late this afternoon, I finally got out to scrape ice off the car and move it out of the driveway in preparation of a trip to the airport. (I wanted to be able to get to Danette's Pilot in the garage. I'd much rather be driving a big SUV on these roads than a small sedan.)

What a job getting the thick sheet of ice off the windows. It was bizarre working so hard just to back the car out of the driveway, but you can't quite drive not being able to see a thing through the windows.

And that's what it's supposed to be like tonight. Whiteout conditions. Some roads in the area are closed due to power lines being down. Teams are being brought in from surrounding states to help with the power outages. Much of Cedar Rapids was without power this evening. Fortunately, in my part of town, power was out for maybe 3 seconds. I'm trusting it'll stay on for the rest of the night. It's starting to snow quite heavily, so with heavy snow packed on icy cables, it's possible we can still lose power. We're supposed to be getting up to 9" of snow in this part overnight.

I ended up not going to the airport after all, by the way. Danette's flight was canceled. She's stuck in Atlanta, hoping to get in tomorrow. I'm hoping they're able to land by early afternoon... Church has been canceled for tomorrow. I'm ready to have my friend back home.

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