Thursday, February 22, 2007

A little good news

My support level is officially at 83% today. Yeah God! And yeah to each and every one of my supporters. You are my team. It's my honor to represent you in Africa. It's an even greater honor to represent our Father in my corner of Kenya.

But it's more than just about financial support, and you know that. I received an e-mail from a mom this week at church. I was moved to read her message, "My boys are 6 and 4, and after you spoke to them about your serving in Africa during children's church a few weeks ago, they were very excited about you and what you'd shared. They keep reminding me that we need to pray for you. We sponsor a boy through Compassion International, but they haven't really connected with that very well. They see his picture, and I read his letters to them, but they don't ask about him or think to pray for him without being prompted. I wanted to capitalize on their connection with you as I know God wants them to have hearts for missions . . ."

I also received news from another family who have been involved for the past few years in sending me to Mozambique and Kenya. After I sent the parents a thank-you for the check, the mom told me, "Actually, the kids [teenagers] all prayed about how to support you and they each gave money from their own savings . . ."

Honestly, doing support raising is no fun. It really is much easier to simply get a check from your employer every month. At the same time, I am humbled by the thought of representing an army of individuals and families. I equally appreciate everyone who prays for me, and each and every family who get to endure their young'uns' reminders to "pray for Miss Adele in Africa." I am looking forward to getting back to Africa so they can get news from that side of the world.

But until I'm at 100% of my support, and until I get the OK from my counselor, I'll be around in Cedar Rapids, having the chance of sharing at Sunday school classes, and doing my work via my computer.