Sunday, February 04, 2007

"I hate playing Poker with Christians!"

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I won't say who said it, because that won't be nice. :) But it was one of the funniest lines at the "Texas hold 'em" poker night at my friend Beth's house. I've never played poker and wasn't too keen on learning, but I went for the pure sake of hanging out with friends. The comment came as a result of one player losing all her chips, and another saying, "Oh, no! You can have 'em back!"

We had lots of fun, despite the cold weather outside. Right now, it's -11F out. That's -24C! As the night goes on, the high is supposed to be -13 (-25C)!

Fortunately, I'm flying to California tomorrow where it's warmer. But I don't mind the cold weather. Especially not when I'm indoors with good friends.

Click on the picture for a few more photos from tonight's event.

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