Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We have power again!

Mary, Dorcas, Priscah and Ruth with their Valentine's roses
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After almost 3 days of being in the dark, our electricy was finally turned back on today! It first went out on Saturday, but was turned on briefly on Sunday night. On Monday, I went to town to purchase groceries, and when I returned, we had no power. Nothing on Monday night. Nothing all day today... I've had to start throwing away food from the refridgerator.

Late this afternoon, I headed to Junction, an area about halfway between here and town where there are some traditional shops and a gas station where the attendant cranks the pump by hand. I bought petrol (gas) for the generator, deciding that come what may, we're getting onto e-mail this evening. And when I returned and had just filled up the generator with fuel, the power came back on. YEAH!

In brief, here are some of the highlights of the past 2 days:
  • Going to the women's prayer meeting on Monday and spending time praying with my Kenyan coworkers. I mentioned the idea of a women's Bible study to them and asked them to pray about it individually and get back to me if they're interested. (Keep in mind that the dorm mom's have 24 children each under their care, so their days are very full!) One has already gotten back to me, saying that she's been praying for this for a very long time!
  • Preparing for visitors' arrival, including going rose shopping at our neighboring rose farm. In the process, I bought each of the moms a dozen or so roses "as a Valentine's message from God."
  • Getting wet! It started to rain today... After more than 6 months of NO rain, the rain is very much needed and welcome! In fact, as I'm typing right now, it started raining once again. I am hoping that the rain means that we won't have power cuts!
  • Starting to learn Swahili (more than just learning a few words from the kids.)
  • Putting together a blog for ELI in order to post updates on a team that's leaving for Sudan on Thursday.
  • Meeting with some pastors who want to start a pastoral training center in the area and were curious about the satellite service we have. Though they are far from ready to launch their training globally, I was able to pray with them and encourage them.
  • Getting a hand-made Valentine's card from Joshua and Nathaniel, the Rogers boys. Joshua is 6, Nathaniel 3. It seems that Joshua has decided I'm cool since I'm a scuba diver! I love that. A week ago, he wouldn't talk to me. Today, he kept asking me questions about sharks. He even came to my house to help me prepare lunch and he wanted to pray for the food. Who would've thought diving could open the door to befriending a kid.
  • Seeing my house near completion. My house is . . . not quite ready, but almost there! The only 4 projects that remain (and which I'm told will be done tomorrow) are
  1. Tiling the bathroom floor,
  2. mounting curtain and towel railings,
  3. installing kitchen cabinets, and
  4. installing mosquito screens outside my windows.
Somehow, I won't be surprised if it's not done tomorrow, but I'm getting really eager to start cleaning! In faith that things will be done by Friday, at least, I've asked Mama Chiri (who does my laundry by hand every few days) to come and help me on Friday to wash the windows, mop and wax the floors and - um, I'll be moving in, but I don't have furniture yet! Uh-oh! Since we really don't have storage space, I've had to put off buying furniture until I have someplace to put it. But once I have chairs, I'll start inviting people to my house for fellowship and fun. I truly want my little corner of Kenya to be a haven and a place of prayer!

So, that's it for now.

It's Valentine's Day. Today, 11 years ago, I left for Taiwan...

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