Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday newspaper clip

Today, I went to town to visit one of the churches. There was a visiting pastor, so I'll drop by again another Sunday. I enjoyed the worship but due to the visiting pastor taking a lot of time, things were rushed when we had to evacuate church for the next service, and I didn't get to meet people.

Anyway, I bought a paper on my way home, and this short article caught my eye:

Educate Maasai on HIV/AIDS

The Maasai need to be enlightened about HIV/AIDS. Some Maasai cultural practices are themselves a means of spreading HIV/AIDS. In the Maasai culture, it is a taboo for a man to marry a virgin. She is considered a child and cannot be married by a responsible man. Mothers are known to chase away their daughters, aged between nine and eleven, to spend time with warriors in the evening. Young men and women have no say in marriage because their parents plan it for them. Always, the newlywed keep allegiance to their childhood lovers. This causes married couples to be unfaithful. An aggressive, persistent HIV/AIDS awareness campaign should be conducted via radio, in the Maa language.


Yikes. The power just went out again! We had a blackout for close to 48 hours, and here we go again... I'd better send this while my battery backup lasts!

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