Saturday, February 25, 2006

How does a letter get to America so fast, Adele?

The Rotich boys always have soooo many questions. I went over to their dorm (and the neighboring Ruto boys and girls) to read them a bedtime story tonight, but before I could leave their room, they bombarded me with questions.

I had explained to them that now, with the satellite dish, if I send a letter to someone on my computer, it gets to them in less than one minute. They must have been wondering about this, hence the questions tonight.

I explained to them again about satellites in the sky. From here, when you look carefully, you can usually spot one or two satellites among the stars. They simply look like stars that are moving slowly. I explained to the boys how my computer talks to the dish, the dish sends a signal to the satellite, the satellite then sends a signal to a dish in America, and the dish talks to whoever's computer I'm sending the letter to. All in less than a minute.

"When I'm big, do you think I can go to America?" one boy asked. He's about 11, and I learned this week that both of his parents were good runners. (They both died of AIDS.) His one uncle still runs for Kenya. I explained to him that he should practice hard so he, too can be a good runner (he's very athletic), and he has to study hard. Perhaps, someday, he could get a scholarship to go to America.

"What's a scholarship, Adele?" And so it went on and on, with me having to explain different degrees to the kids. "Adele, what's a cucumber? And a badger? How does a computer work? Adele, Raymond snores at night." I love their curiosity. I just don't always have the answers to some of their questions. "What movie will we see tomorrow, Adele? Nemo was SO good!" "Benson is falling asleep, Adele. He had a lot of homework. I've already finished my homework." So it goes on until I finally excuse myself and say good-night for the umpteenth time.

"When will you be in your new house, Adele?" their mom asks on my way to the next room. "We'd really like to start the women's Bible study." I assure her that I'll move in about a week (once I'm sure that the floor paint is TOTALLY dry!), and then we can get together to decide how we want to do this.

I love living among these people and sharing Christ with them in simple ways. I love learning from them, too, knowing that in many areas, they are far smarter than I.

Tomorrow, I will try to get some major admin work done, and then I have to head over to a celebration. One of the construction workers who helped build our Children's Home got saved while working on the project. He quit his drinking habit, and tomorrow, he wants to celebrate two years of being sober and saved. What a neat celebration.

After that, it's movie time with the kids. Not sure yet what we'll see, but regardless, I know the kids will love it! What's not to like about Saturday afternoon movies?

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