Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Got Faith?

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Faith is a 5-year-old with an incredible passion for prayer. When she starts praying at night, some of her 10 sisters lay down their heads and fall asleep... Faith prays for everyone she can think of--every team member that's visited, for interns, for every one of the Children's Home parents. When she forgets a name, one of the older girls (like Vitaline, Beatrice or Sharon) would help out.

Her ELI mom, Dorcas, says that she's been praying for Faith to have the heart of an intercessor. Her prayers are obviously being answered.

Many of the younger kids are a bit more quiet when they're around their big brothers and sisters. However, when I drive past their school at 3, they come alive! Three o'clock is when the preschoolers get to go home, and the biggest fun for them is to run alongside the car, trying to give me high fives or shake my hand.

Click on Faith's photo to see pictures of some of the other toddlers.

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