Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm online, from my very own house!

I really should go and get my camera and upload a picture of this... I'm sitting in the dark in my living room. There's no electricity, and in order for this network to work, I need electricity. So I have a network of extension cords snaking its way over here. All the equipment is set up on a temporary desk. I'm sitting on a makeshift chair--a few planks put together. But I'm connected. And I'm smiling from ear to ear.

As I'm sitting here, I hear crickets outside my door. And in the distance I can hear some of the kids making their way to their dorms after dinner. A dog is barking somewhere. The sky is a dark shade of blue and the first stars are appearing. I don't have windows yet, or a door. But I have walls and a roof, even a ceiling. The window frames were painted with a primer today, so the white paint stands out against the evening sky. There's a slight breeze.

I love having access to the world from my little corner of Kenya.

Does it show?

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  1. Adeleeeee!!!!
    So glad to hear about you when Yuriko, Sue and Mary came back from Ethiopia. And I was reading your blog and about the 'Addis Haircut'. You are having so much fun. As I was reading this blog about the Satellite connection and you smiling ear to ear, I was smiling sitting in the ISS office. I so want to come and see you some time. Lord knows when! Love you adele!