Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's quiet out here

I'm the only person currently living on this side of the compound. With my closest neighbors currently in the US for studies, the next closest life is not quite a stone's throw from where I'm temporarily staying. And so it's quiet out here. Other than the security guards walking the grounds, I bet everyone's asleep. I should be, too.

Had a productive day, filled with meetings, planning, visits, interviews and even a side trip into the goat pen. (Is that what you'd call a fenced area where goats stay?) Anyway, one of the kids (baby goats, that is, not one of our ELI kids!) had gotten out, so on my way to the orphanage I decided to catch the little one and put him back with all the others. Fortunately he was small enough for me to catch him quite easily... I still think it must've been a funny sight to watch me chasing a little goat. (It has to be because I'm tired, but suddenly goatee sounds like a much better word for a baby goat than kid does!)

My bedroom was painted today. It's now green, with one red wall. It really looks good! I'll take photos tomorrow. The workers have started with the construction of my kitchen cabinet. Next is my bed. In between meetings today, I had to sketch a plan of my bed for the fundi. They tell me it's cheaper to have it made than to go and buy a ready-made bed from the side of the road. Yip, that's where you buy beds here. There are little carpentry shops on the road to town. So I'm asking them to make the four posts really tall so I can drape my mosquito net over the corner posts rather than having to hang them from the ceiling, because that'd mean I can't move the bed once the net has been hung...

Anyway, not much else to report today. And so I'll say, "Lala salama." That's, "Good night."

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