Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I miss my Sunday school kids, too!

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For about the last year that I was in Iowa, I taught Sunday school to little ones at New Covenant Bible School. Danette, Tamara and Nancy still have these same kids, and today, Tamara sent me a picture of the kids saying "We miss you very much, Miss Adele!"

I so miss these kids, too, and look forward to the day that I'll be visiting New Covenant again and seeing how each one of them has grown...

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  1. Adele!
    Nathaniel has sat on my lap for the past hour or so looking at your 578 pictures! We're going to watch some Olympic ice skating in a bit and make it like a family night-movie night with popcorn for "dinner"! We hope you've had a great evening and have sweet dreams and know that you are so loved and very missed!