Thursday, May 22, 2008

Very quick update

Amidst sitting and reading, working on computer-related projects and digging in the yard, I put a rib out of place yesterday. I headed to the chiropractor who did magic, but the ultimate was when I got a phone call today, "Doug has an opening at 11:00. Can you go see him?"

Doug belongs to a friend of mine. As in, he's Gina's husband. But he's also the most incredible massage therapist. No foo-foo massage there! He must've spent 80% of the time only working on the problem area in my back. He's very professional, and though I first thought it would be odd to go for a professional massage from a friend's husband, I didn't feel uncomfortable for a moment.

All of this to say that if you live in the greater Cedar Rapids area and you need some muscles worked on, Doug's the man!

You can find him at Avalon (behind the Spring House) on Center Point Road. Ask for Doug Merrill.

Apparently he does chair massages at a number of schools in the area, too.

I head out tomorrow morning for ... Alaska! I am visiting friends who live close to Denali. I thought I'd stop by briefly on my way to class in Seattle, but they explained they're way out of the way, that I'd have to come longer. And I can bring a friend. So tomorrow morning, Danette and I are heading out for vacation in the Thules. That's the mountains where they are. We'll be at their place for 10 days, then I head to Seattle for 2 weeks' class. Then 2 more weeks in the Midwest, and then I head back to Kenya. My time here is running out...

If I have access to the Internet, I'll upload photos from our trip. If you don't hear from me till June, I don't have Internet access. :)

Ah, can't wait to go and enjoy the beauty of Alaska!! It's way late. Got to sleep. Till later. :)

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