Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh. My. Word!

We just got back from Jon van Zyle's studio. He and his wife are neighbors to the Claus family. Wonderful people. Jon and Jona showed us their huskies. The dogs are all work dogs. Sled dogs. Incredible animals. Right now, they have 16. I neglected to take my camera. Can't believe it! We hope to go back next Sunday to take photos before we head back to the lower 48.

The Van Zyles are an amazing couple. We had a delightful time visiting, were at their place from perhaps 8 till 10:30! Jon even blessed us with some of his prints, signed by him. I'm still blown away by it! Jona's art is equally amazing, but she does mostly beading and leather work, not as many paintings as Jon. If ever you're around Anchorage, plan to visit their kennel and art studio. You will not only love their dogs and their art; you'll love the couple, too.

The visit to the kennels and studio was the cherry on top of an already-wonderful day. Grandpa and Grandma were assigned to show us around a bit, and boy, did we have fun! They took us to all kinds of interesting towns and places in the area--even a wildlife park--while entertaining us with stories of adventures. Then we stopped at their other daughter's house to visit with that family. Seriously, it was simply great visiting all day long.

Right now, it's almost midnight here, and the sun as just setting a bit. It's dusk, really. I should go to bed. Danette and I will most likely both be out on the deck by 5:30 again for coffee and quiet time, and by 8, we're supposed to run around town to pick up the last supplies. After that, Ellie is driving us 5 hours to something like "Chitna," the last town toward their place. From there, Paul will fly us in the Otter to the lodge. I think. Who knows.

The journey continues.

What fun.

If you don't see an update for a while, it's because there's no Internet access out in the boonies.

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