Saturday, May 24, 2008

Greetings from Anchorage

We're heading out with "Pops" and "Granny" to see Anchorage while the other Clauses run errands in town. Tomorrow, we're heading to the lodge, so there're lots of things that need to be picked up for the season.

Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful! Below are just a few photos. More will follow.

Flying in over the mountains. You can't help but keep staring!

After picking us up from the airport, grabbing some lunch and chatting with the family, Ellie and her mom Donna took us up to where Anchorage's water comes from, high in the mountains.

Had THE BEST sushi ever at about 9 pm. That'll be midnight Iowa time... Danette and I were both a bit out of it thanks to the time difference, but the food was amazing. All the fish comes straight from Anchorage's waters, so it's the freshest fresh you can imagine! Front right (next to Danette) is Logan, Ellie's little sister. Ellie's in the front left. If you've been watching "The Alaskan Experiment" on Discovery Channel, you'll recognize Paul, Ellie's dad, to Danette's right.

OK, off to see Anchorage!

Oh, before I forget: By the time we went to bed (around 11), the sun was still up! And when we woke up at 5, the sun was already shining beautifully. In fact, we had quiet time out on the porch at 5:30 while Granny was in the kitchen baking choc chip cookies and making the most amazing sourdough waffles. I know, everything's "the best" so far, but honestly, it is.

Good times. Great people. Incredible place. And it's supposed to just get better...

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