Friday, May 16, 2008

Carbon monoxide poisoning

In some ways, it sounds worse than it is. But then again, you've got to remember that it literally can kill you. Carbon monoxide poisoning. Apparantly, Danette and I have both had it recently. Since her room's on the second floor of her home, she probably has had it worse than I. (My room's on the first floor, plus I've only visited here for a short while!)

Though Danette has CO-detectors in her home, they didn't get triggered. Problem is, they're mounted close to the floor, plugged in at outlets. (Where are yours??) CO travels upward. The problem with the incorrect placement of detectors has since been fixed. As has the furnace that was the culprit.

We praise God that a bird got stuck in the furnace this week, causing it to quit working. In the process of solving the furnace problem, the CO-problem was detected. It's pretty crazy seeing the chimney guys walking into the basement wearing gas masks, though...

We're OK now. Though I joke around and blame all kinds of things on CO-poisoning (Forgot to pick up something at the store? Gained a couple of pounds? Mixed whites and colors?), I know it could've been fatal. And hence, I'm infinitely thankful for the events that led to detecting the problem.


  1. Yes that could have been bad, but makes a great excuse for any mistakes!

    I hope you are enjoying your time here!

  2. YOu definetely have a huge star or a magnificent guardian angel, and I am so grateful for that. We need Adele for a long time. Hugs and take care.