Sunday, May 11, 2008


The very first movie I remember seeing, is Fiddler on the Roof. We lived in Messina, close to the border to Zimbabwe. It would've been 1971 or early '72. I was three.* If my memory serves me right, we saw the movie in Messina's drive-in theather. What I remember best is Tevye singing in his deep voice, "If I were a rich man..."

I've watched the DVD many time since then. In fact, it's one of my all-time favorite movies due to the themes of culture and change.

Tonight, I saw it on stage for the first time. Theater Cedar Rapids did an incredible job! Some of the lines that get lost in the movie were even funnier on stage. The guy who played Tevye did almost as good a job as Topol in the original musical. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable event.

As was this morning's. I got to go to a women's event at a local church and hear Lenchen Raeside speak. I've heard Lenchen speak many times. I'm always inspired by her passion and the way God speaks through her. And amazed that she can bounce around the stage so elegantly in stilettos. That's Lenchen for you. Very chic. Yet a very powerful speaker. I love that!

Tomorrow, I get to share at several classes at church. I'm looking forward to that. But since I'll be on all day, I'd better get some sleep. The songs from tonight's musical are still playing in my mind, though. Not a bad thing. It's a blessing to get to catch up on some cultural events.

* I know this isn't a memory that I have because of stories being told. In fact, I can't remember talking about this movie as a family, or about us having seen it or any other movies in Messina. So my folks will have to let me know if it actually is a true memory.


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  2. Ooh I love Fiddler! How fun to see it in person. :) Hope things went well today with your speaking!