Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Touch your nose to a triangle...

Earlier this evening, I was doing some funky moves: galloping to a square, sliding to a musical instrument, touching my elbow to a food sign while keeping my foot on a yellow sign. Weird? I was playing Hullabaloo with a family from church.

I've been trying to spend quality time with supporters to get to know them as families or individuals, and tonight, it meant that I got to be part of this particular home's family night. I got to show them pictures from Kenya during dinner time, and afterwards, we played games. Fun stuff. Especially when you see little ones get excited about missions.

Earlier last week, I had lunch with another family with young kids, too, which is really an honor to me. For many of the kids (not only these families, but also from the classes where I got to share at church yesterday), I'm the first missionary the kids really get to know, which is a lot of fun, really. Many of the families have been following the Sifunas' story this past year, and were able to rejoice with me in the fact that Silas decided a week ago to follow Christ.

And they got to know Hannah and her family, and were delighted to know that Nancy is in the process of applying for nursing school...

Through my blog, these are not just stories. It's like these people are part of their world. I love that! Especially when it comes to children.

Right now, I need to sleep, though. Tomorrow's another full day of work, studying, and lunch and dinner appointments. It's all good, though. It's all good.

Except the cold weather. That's not too great. I don't get how it's April and we're still in the very low 30s here with snow in the forecast for later in the week again. This, too, shall pass, right? Of course it will. At least I have a bed at my friend Danette's house with the warmest bedding imaginable. And since Danette's out of town for work, her animals are all down in my room. In fact, right now, all three her cats are surrounding my legs. I think they like this bedding as much as I do.

I'm going to join the cats and head to Dreamland.


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying your time here, except for the cold weather.

    I love your blog because it puts so much reality to missionary work. Reality and humanity too!

    I'm praying for all your plans for this trip to come to fruit!


  2. Hi Adele! I'm off to bed so won't write much but wanted to say Hi! I've jsut caught up on your blog. I have to get back onto mine. I love how you write and how you think! Make a snowman!
    Love, Laura