Saturday, April 12, 2008


The word blessed can so easily be overused. But I honestly cannot think of a better word. I've been blessed, over and over, in the short week and a half that I've been back in the US. From simple pleasures like having treats I've missed, to spending time with friends, I have been blessed indeed.
Yummy... I've been trying to practice self-discipline and not enjoy all the things I've missed, though! :)

Time with friends included connecting with my friend Melissa in Heathrow. We worked together at ORTV in Taiwan for several years.

I'll upload some other photos from time with friends in Iowa later this week.

A photo from breakfast at Yaya Mary's home earlier this week. I've been meeting with friends and supporters during most lunches and dinners this past week. It really has been wonderful to catch up with people and hear what God's been up to in their world. (I went back to her and Weir's place today to hang out and do some birdwatching through their bay window. Photos to follow.)

Tomorrow's another full day of early coffee with a friend, Sunday school, church, lunch with other friends, and much more.

Blessed, I tell you. Now, if I can just catch up on my assignments, it'd be good, too! :)

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  1. I'm glad you are getting refreshed and re-energized!

    I did tag you for a tag thing if you would like to take part!