Thursday, April 10, 2008


This morning's news is the same as yesterday. Kenya's opposition has withdrawn from talks as the government isn't sticking to the 50-50 power sharing agreement mediated by Kofi Annan earlier this year.

This far, there has been no news of protests from Eldoret area. For that, I praise God! This is the essence of the issue right now according to AFP.

Kenyan newspapers urged the leaders to end the stalemate that touched off fresh protests in the capital's slums and western city of Kisumu in the past two days.

"There are legitimate fears that if the impasse is not speedily resolved, Kenya will slide back to the kind of violence unleashed in the wake of the disputed presidential elections," top selling Daily Nation said an editorial, which appealed to Kenyans to remain calm.

"Tensions are already running high. President Kibaki and Mr Odinga are squarely responsible for leading Kenya out of a possible quagmire. They cannot afford to wait until there is another explosion before moving frantically to put out the fires.

"The two leaders must meet immediately, without preconditions and without threats, and live up to the expectations of their people by forming the unity government in line with the accord they signed," it added.

Canada joined the United States, the European Union and Britain in calling for a quick resolution of the problem that has scarred the country's image as a tranquil zone at the heart of a tough, conflict-ridden region.

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