Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Life

Last night, as I was waiting to board my flight to London, I received a call from Mark Tarus, a colleague.

"Adele!" You could hear the huge smile in his voice. "Sifuna prayed last night to receive Christ!"

The other passengers visibly stared when I responded with a loud, "YES! Praise God!"

There's no way you can just get news like that and politely say, "Well, thanks for telling me..." Not a chance. Not after praying for this moment for nine months. It's ironic. Nine months. That's how long it has taken for Silas to come to a place of surrender. Of saying I cannot conquer alcoholism on my own. Of admitting If I want to be a good father, I need Christ.

The journey ahead is still long. Becoming a Christian isn't a one-time-decision. Christ, in fact, only talked about the concept of "being born again" once. Only once. And the guy he suggested it to didn't accept get it till he saw Jesus on the cross.

On timeless other occasions, Jesus taught about his Kingdom. Of following Him. That's a choice we get to make daily. I am praying that as Silas embarks on this journey, that he will not only find freedom, but life in abundance.

My heart is full as I am still trying to fathom what God is doing in my neighbors' lives. I praise him for the victories over the past 9 months. Only God could've done it. I worship Him for that!


  1. That is wonderful! I enjoy your blog so much, but I feel a little like an intruder but not bad enough to stay away!


  2. Praise the Lord!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! I will be keeping Silas and the children in my prayers even more than usual.

  3. Jenny, that's what's nice about blogs. You really aren't intruding. :)

    Chelsea, I'm bummed I won't be at Sifuna's graduation party next weekend, but you can keep praying that God's presense will become a daily reality in the Sifuna family's lives.

    God is SO good. Wow.

  4. Praise the Lord! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

  5. Oh wow, that's awesome. Praise God!!