Monday, March 10, 2008

Highs and Lows from the Past Two Days

  1. (H) Being back in the Eldoret area, in my own car!
  2. (L) Being weary of the young guys on the side of the road, wondering if they were part of the mobs that burned down homes, cars, and chased away neighbors.
  3. (L) Seeing several homes and businesses in the Ilula neighborhood burned to the ground.
  4. (H) Seeing the kids! I stopped by the Sifunas' home first to greet them, and then went to Ilula. I hadn't seen those kids since their Christmas party. They came running, shouting "Adele! Adele!" when I pulled into the Ilula compound.
  5. (H) Giving and receiving hundred-some hugs! Each and every child came to hug me.
  6. (L) Not seeing little Kanmau... I found out later that he's down with toncillitis, and was able to go and see him today.
  7. (H) Seeing many of the staff. They're amazing people, really. The night watchmen came to my house to greet me and announced joyfully, "Happy New Year, Adele!" Due to the post-election violence, many people are really celebrating now for the first time that it's a new year...
  8. (H) Having dinner at the Ronos' home.
  9. (L) Hearing from them some of the details of all that had transpired around the Ilula area...
  10. (H) Catching up with Don and Amy by phone.
  11. (L) Waking up to terrible winds blowing for what seemed like hours throughout the night! And since this is the height of the dry season, the dust finds its way into everything. My counters, plates, cups, everything was covered in a thin layer of red dust this morning. Yes, yes, the windows were closed.
  12. (H) Hearing the kids sing worship songs at the top of their lungs during Sunday school.
  13. (L) Seeing the kids' faces when they realized I was really leaving again for Kipkaren...
  14. (L) Seeing more of the devastation in the neighborhood and all along the way to Kipkaren.
  15. (H) Seeing friends and neighbors at Kipkaren.
  16. (H) Being welcomed home by Flannel. She's not the most affectionate cat around, but she literally came to sit with her front paws on my feet as if to say, "Don't go away again!"
  17. (H) Getting all my stuff unpacked and my new picture hung.
  18. (H) Having incredible chicken parmesan with rice and crunchy green beans at William and Michelle's house.
  19. (H) Getting to bed at a decent hour. Or so I hope, at least.
  20. (L) Having issues trying to post photos along with this entry. Click on the pictures on the right to see some photos from Ilula.

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  1. The pictures helped convey a sense of both the terrible devastation and the hope. I'm not sure I could drive past those men without vomiting...