Saturday, March 22, 2008

Everything ... and the kitchen sink

I was just washing my face, getting ready to crawl into bed and continue reading my fascinating book, when I thought...

One thing I look forward to doing in the U.S. is
washing my face with warm water at night.
And doing so in a bathroom,
not using my kitchen sink.

Odd but true: My house in Kipkaren doesn't have a bathroom sink. I only have a kitchen sink. I tend to think of it this way, though: Most of the people in the village around me have no sink at all. They draw water from the river or from a well. And then they use a bucket. So, having one multi-purpose sink with one tap is indeed a huge blessing.

Here's one other benefit to having only one sink. I can't leave dishes in the sink, 'cause that's where I brush my teeth, too. Just what you wanted to think about today, I'm sure. (It doesn't keep me from piling dishes next to the sink at times, though...)


  1. :) You're cute! I'm glad you do have at least one sink ... but this is a good reminder to me to appreciate all the "luxuries" of my little converted garage! ;)

  2. How long have you been in Africa since last time you came to the states? I went to Mexico for a week last year on a mission trip and when I came home I was so sad at all we had and wasted. Took for granted and didn't appreciate.


  3. Thanks, Aim. I wish I could come and see your converted garage... Not this time around, though.

    Jenny, I got to go to the US late 2006 and left early 2007. So it hasn't been too long since I've been there. But whenever I go, I have quite a bit of reverse culture shock, especially regarding the amount of stuff people hoard. Consumerism gets to me. Every time. But it'll be good to see friends. And good to get to tell people in many places what God's doing in Kenya.