Saturday, May 05, 2007


If you know Jenga, you also know the Swahili word for build. Though the name of the game turns out to be Swahili, none of our Kenyan friends have ever seen the game. (There's a kid in our neighborhood who is a perpetual waver--he waves when your car is at least 100 ft away and keep waving till you can no longer see him in the dust behind you--who is named Jenga. Which fascinated me. Why would a parent call their kid "build"? Maybe he was born while they were building a house. Or something like that.) After dinner tonight, Nicole and I taught the Rono family how to play Jenga. Did they have fun! Angelina (the mom) giggled hard as she watched us hold our breath. John and Emmanuel kept trying to scare each other. We never got past 23 rows. (Nicole and my lunchtime game went to 29. I just read, though, that the record number of rows is 40, with two tiles in row 41. Wow!)

Anyway, it was a fun evening. It's after 10. I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow's a full day.

P.S. I'm told the Rono boys kept playing Jenga till 1 am and got up to 31 rows.

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