Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Deep thoughts by Adele

Here's my profound thought for the day: I just don't get how anyone can use a bathroom, finish a roll of TP, and not replace it with a new roll. Even when there's a whole little row of new rolls dangling right next to them. Really. What blows my mind even more is when someone actually takes out one of those new little rolls, uses it, and carefully balances it on top of the TP dispenser.


I know: It's things like these that force some couples to get serious counseling. Honestly though. Why would you not replace the TP? (I'll refrain from commenting on what side I believe should be facing you. Or then again, I might as well, since I brought it up. I never used to think twice about which side a roll should face. Till a very particular colleague in a former workplace pointed out to possibly the entire department one day that it's obvious that the end should dangle on the FRONT of the roll, so you'd unroll it towards you, not away from you since it simply makes more sense that way. And since then, I actually make a point of inserting new rolls with the end facing outward. Not that it really matters, I think. It's a random, acquired habit.)

In case you're wondering, this is far from one of my major pet peeves. It's just something I wonder about every time I'm in someplace like the missionary guest house in Nairobi.

Deep thoughts, I know. My head cold is keeping me from thinking more profound thoughts today.


  1. Facing out in my book...

  2. OK--Here's one more idiocy for the TP rant! Who are those idiots who not only *don't* replace the roll, but leave *1* sheet dangling over the empty roll...as if one sheet were enough for everyone but them! *dope slap* *dope slap* *dope slap*!!!

  3. You're not by any chance talking about my daughter are you? She does exactly this! She also removes a dirty towel from the bathroom but doesn't replace it, leaving me with wet hands and nothing to wipe on! I've no idea how she manages in there.

  4. Johnnie, it really does make sense, doesn't it. I don't know why all mothers don't teach their kids this before age 4! :)

    Annamaria, amen and amen, sister!

    Sharon, there's still time for her to learn. Don't give up on the girl! :)_

  5. She's 19 now and will soon be off to Uni. I'm hoping that once she's on her own without mum to pick up the pieces, she'll change her ways. Fingers crossed :)

  6. You don't even have to rely on simple common sense - if you buy printed TP (which I try not to), the print is on the side that faces you when the paper drapes down the front! Who needs any more proof than that, that is the right way to hang it!