Thursday, February 14, 2008

To think about

As of this morning, there seems to be no real new news on the peace talks... Annan announced yesterday that a deal has been made. The government immediately came out saying no, they've not agreed to a "grand coalition" government. So we're waiting to hear. The people in the IDP camps are waiting. Neighborhoods are waiting. Some reports even talk of militia training in neighboring countries, in case they're not happy with the outcome of the talks. No matter how you slice it, things still don't look too good.

My class starts on Tuesday, and I'm truly looking forward to what I'll be learning. Much of the reading this far has given me new insight on some of the issues behind the issues.

Here's something that caught my eye in the book I'm currently working through. Think about this:

Economics that promote the exploitation of the poor and unfortunate as a means to accrue power and wealth for the privileged will inevitably lead to a politics of oppression. Wealth so gained must be protected, either by law or by violence, from those from whom it has been wrested. Thus politics is inevitably enlisted to secure that protection. It is that dynamic most clearly at work in the story of King Ahab of Israel. (p 56)

It is also the dynamic most clearly at work in the story of Kenya.

What we do about these dynamics, though, depends on how we understand our call as Christians. And so, today, my studies are focusing on our understanding of the powers and principalities at work in this city and country in order to more effectively minister to those around me. By no means to I think I'd "get it" today. It's a journey of understanding. A long journey, too. But it leads to freedom. Victory. Hope.

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