Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mosquito Nets, and the Year of the Rat

I have a love-hate relationship with mosquito nets. Never had to use one before coming to Kenya. (It would've been good to have one in Taiwan, but it just wasn't part of life there.) I don't mind using them at my home. I sleep in a double bed, so there's plenty of space to get away from the net. But where I am now, I'm in a single bed. So I won't put the thing down. It's simply too stifling! But because I don't have my net down, I can't have my window open. Which is equally stifling. I'm complaining about something really minor, I know. So I opened the window since the light is finally turned off. Hopefully, the mozzies won't find me here. :)

Today is Chinese New Year's day. It's the Year of the Rat.

I often miss many aspects of my life in Asia. During Chinese holidays such as this, I miss Taiwan even more. But I don't miss New Year's traffic on the island.

To my Taiwan friends: Gong xi fa tsai!

Have lots of amazing Chinese food on my behalf!

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