Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday in Addis

I had written a long update, but left my flash drive at the home where I’m staying. I’ll try to post it in the morning. We’ve had a HECTIC schedule, going from early in the morning till late at night. It’s now 6:15, and it’s the first time in a long time we’re heading home early.

That being said, it’s been a very, very good experience. An eye-opening one in terms of urban issues and ministry. Today, we were supposed to visit 6 churches, but due to getting stuck in a church parking lot behind other vehicles, we ended up just visiting 5. Everything from an Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the morning (where, by the way, you’re not allowed in if you’ve had intercourse in the past 48 hours, or if you’re having your period) to a Pentecostal church, a Lutheran and an international evangelical church. Huge differences, not only in the style of worship & liturgy, but also in the type of people they attract.

Our class is made up of a fascinating bunch of people. There are 3 students from the US (2 of whom are the only other ladies in the program), and then one guy from each of the following countries: Angola, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria. And then 2 guys from Ethiopia.

Yesterday, we drove for 13 hours (seriously!) to see the Nile River Gorge. Actually, it was about 6 hours there, and then we turned around immediately. We weren’t even allowed to get out of the bus to walk across the bridge over the Nile. We made the mistake of taking photos of the bridge (as well as the grand one they’re constructing right next to it), but the military came and insisted we had to erase the pictures. I don’t get it. Anyway. We turned around, drove 4 hours to a monastery (Dobre Libanos) where monks stay in mountain caves, but by then I it was too late to visit the caves, so we saw yet another church. And then drove back to Addis.

Had a good time visiting in the bus, though, especially the last 2 hours when we were really, really tired. The 3 American students plus the program coordinator and the other Kenyan guy and I were having a blast, singing songs, playing “two truths and a lie” and so on. Just fun stuff. The only American guy (other than our professor) is African American, and a pastor at that. He was getting us to sing songs the African American way. Much fun was had. At least by us. J

Want to get home early and get some good rest before we head into yet another packed week. Hopefully I’ll get to upload a photo or two tomorrow. Will try my best.

My mind’s turning from all I’m learning, and with the thought of how things are in Kenya right now…

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  1. Sounds awesome. So I am feeling more and more like the Lord is leading me to missions. This summer I am going on a mission trip to San Diego with Campus Crusade for Christ. Hopefully that will help me figure out if God is really calling me to that. Anyway, my question is how did you get into missions?