Saturday, February 16, 2008

On a *MUCH* lighter note

I've GOT TO tell you the grossest story I've heard in a while. The friends I referred to in my previous post told me last night about one of the more interesting things they've seen in the part of Kenya where they live. (They live in the desert up in the north of the country and work among a nomadic people group.)

Scott told me how he witnessed a man--wait for this--sucking thorns out of a camel's eye! No kidding. You've GOT to read about it on their blog.

Oh, yuck!

But then again, how brilliant! How else would people out in the middle of nowhere get thorns out of a camel's eye?

It kind of made me chuckle to think of a visiting optometry team earlier this year to our village and one of the patients they saw. They had to remove a piece of brick from his eye. It had been there for weeks. That in itself is all but funny. What made me chuckle was the thought of what the optometrists would've done if they were told to use the typical Kenyan methods and simply suck the brick from the patient's eye.

I know, I know. It's a gross thought. But as I've told you before, it helps to laugh at stupid stuff when it seems like the world around you is falling apart.

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