Sunday, August 27, 2006

You cannot chase two chickens at once

That's what Peter told me today at Kipkaren. He shared this proverb in response to my answer to his question to what happened to my finger, because I was focusing on something else while trying to cut hard bread.

I love Kenyan proverbs. As someone who (for the most part) loves to multitask, though, I told him that as women, we are created to chase two chickens at once. Else we wouldn't be able to raise children.

When you try to multitask next time, consider Peter's words: You cannot chase two chickens at once.

On a different note: For three days now, the water to my house has been cut off due to nearby construction. I'm starting to get used to using the outhouse again and the solar shower. I was told by the fundi today that he couldn't find the problem, that he'll try again on Monday. Welcome to Africa, eh?

A friend who used to live in Malawi once told me, "If your electricity, phone and water all work at the same time, you're not in Malawi!" Fortunately, out here, we deal with power outages maybe once a week. And for the most part, we have water. Hardly anyone has land phone lines, and cell phone services are pretty stable. So, for just a few days, I can live like many of my neighbors and carry water into the home. But unlike many neighbors, I can fill my bucket from a spicket. I won't have to draw it from a well.

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