Saturday, August 26, 2006


I love days like today. Full days, yet with margins for distrations. I was able to get my work e-mail down to just 5 more messages in my inbox. I'm determined to action those last 5 in the morning (though there will inevitably be many new answers to the messages I had sent today!) I was also able to check off most of the urgent items on my to-do list. To-do lists motivate me. Or rather, checking things off those lists motivates me!

It's 1:15 am. The rain has stopped. Right now, the only sounds I hear (apart from the constant clicking of my computer keyboard) are crickets. Lots and lots of crickets. And a dog in the distance. Everyone around here must be in Dreamland, including our new intern who arrived this evening (Kiki). On Sunday, a new team arrive, plus a group of pastors, plus trainers. On Monday, a group of rehabilitated alcoholics arrive for agricultural training.

I won't be here then. I'll be taking Laura (another intern/friend from APU) for debriefing at Lake Nakuru. Since part of my job includes making safari arrangements for teams, and since I've never been to this park, the nearest one to Eldoret, I am looking forward to be able to give teams first-hand information on this park. But I'm also looking forward to simply seeing the flamingos and pelicans for which this park is best known.

But that's next week. Tomorrow, I will be going to Kipkaren. Kierra has two friends who are visiting, and one of them is a girl whom I had gotten to know well while at APU. I'm looking forward to go and see Becky, but also to see the kids and my colleagues at Kipkaren.

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