Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A million questions

After a group of 11 dinner guests left, I headed over to the children's home to drop off something and found that some of the kids were still awake, though it was after bedtime. It's their school vacation now, so I went over to visit. Four of the oldest Rotich girls were in their gazebo, making chai over a fire. Though they're all around 10 and 11, they can all make fires and cook a meal. They've done so growing up in their villages. Those four had the giggles, so I headed out to check on the Ruto girls.

I had shown the kids the IMAX Dolphins movie today as a special treat, and wanted to check how much of it they understood. (The older ones had lots of questions after the movie, and we had a Q&A session of at least 20 minutes!) But instead of me asking them questions, the visit turned out to be a see-how-many-questions-we-can-ask-Adele session, while some of the girls were running around the room, burning up energy which I have no idea where they got it! (Part of it is the excitement of a team arriving tomorrow to do VBS.)

Anyway, questions included (and there were far more than just these)...
Who made wazungu?
Did your teachers cane you when you were in school?
Do wazungu ever get angry?
Do wazungu hit their children?
Do you know so-and-so (and then they list their sponsors and can't believe I don't know them all!)?
When's your mother and father coming to visit?
What are their names?
Did you know my mother's name was also Maria?
How's Jared?
And (and then they list every other intern they've had in the history of Ilula Children's Home and can't believe I don't know how those interns are doing, or that I don't know them!)?
Can you stay at our house tonight?
Can dolphins eat people?
Can you swim under water?
Have you seen our new baby cow?
Why didn't you stay here for Christmas?
When's so-and-so coming (and then they once again list their sponsors and past teams and interns)?
Do the children in Kipkaren know about us?
Do you think we can visit those children someday?
Did you know I'm from Cambi Kuku?
Did you know she's from (and then they'll list where everyone in their room is from)?
When will you show us the movie about Jesus again (i.e. Jesus film for children--it got lost, somehow.)

I'd still be there if I didn't finally just say "No more questions. Nonononononononono! Keep them till tomorrow..." and slipped out.

I love those kids and am blessed to be someone who's there simply to chear them on and believe in them!

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