Monday, August 28, 2006

Wet and Dry

It's wet out. Very wet. Gumboots-type weather. Yes, I actually do have gumboots. They come in very handy in this part of the world at this time of year. They're far from a fashion statement. Though, if you read about their origin, they're actually quite the thing to have! They sound nicer when you call them Wellingtons, though. In Africa, they're gumboots.

I only have one or two more items to check off my to-do list before I head out in the morning. Just spoke to someone who's a huge fan of Nakuru National Park, where I'm taking Laura for debriefing. I'm looking forward to taking photos there. Will obviously post them once I'm back in a place with Internet access. The same person told me that his Land Rover was once chased and hit by a black rhino in that same park! OK, though I think it would make for a fun story to write, I would very much not like to be hit by a rhino. I don't think my car insurance--or even life insurance, for that matter--covers run-ins with rhinos!

I am especially looking forward to seeing the thousands of flamingos. And pelicans. I'll actually test my car's safari hatch! (That's like a sunroof, but Laura will be able to stand on her seat and look at game!) But what I'm most looking forward to is to simply spend time in nature hearing God's voice. There's nothing like being in the wild, and hearing the heartbeat of our wild God!

At night, I hope to get my newest newsletter put together.

Oh, yes, before I forget, the dry part of the subject line is simply because I still have no water in my house. I filled up a big bucket with rainwater today so I can do my dishes.

So, signing out from this side of the world, for a couple of days, at least.
Adele Jepchirchir*

* I have a new Kalinjin name, by the way. It was given to me by David Tarus this week. I believe it means "One who is on the move!" He said it's because when I see something needs to be done, I move and do it. In strengths terms, that's an activator. Which is me, indeed. Though it tends to get me in trouble in a collective society where many people first discuss an issue before moving to make a decision on what to do. That's hard for me. But that, my friends, is a whole nother matter.

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