Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Further to "A Sense of Belonging"

I was reading my friend Laura's blog tonight. (It's important that you pronounce her name correctly. It's not the American pronunciation of the name. It's Finnish. Or Equadorian. Just don't say it the American way.)

Laura has an incredible gift with words. I cannot help but be envious of her talent of painting beautiful word pictures. She's Finnish. Grew up in Equador. We met at APU.

Laura posted an entry on her blog earlier this week on the topic of TCKs (third-culture kids). I'm not one, but even as part of my master's thesis focused on the lives of MKs (missionary kids) and TCKs, I could relate to this unusual bunch of people.

When you have a moment, look around Laura's blog and be blessed.

Laura, Estera, Emma and Gracie: Someday we'll cross paths again. Somewhere. Perhaps in an airport when we least expect it. Until then, I'll smile everytime I think of the four of you. Incredible young women of God. Fearless. The world before you. I am blessed to know you and to be able to call you friends.


  1. Adele! I am equally blessed by your life and your words! Thank you! I look forward to bumping into you in an airport somewhere! Actually, bumping in with all of the lovely ladies you mentioned would be fabulous.

    With love and prayers for you, Adele.

  2. I think you girls should plan to come to Kenya someday!