Friday, May 12, 2006

My Roommate

My Roommate
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Meet Elliot the chameleon. Actually, his name is Barra Barra, but he's a chamaeleo Trioceros Ellioti, hence Elliot, in short. That's his common name. The Rogers family named him Barra Barra.

Since they left for the US, I asked if I could have him. He's now my official roommate and flyswatter. He's amazing, catching all the flies!

No more fly paper in the house. No more annoying flies.

He doesn't seem to like mosquitoes, though. That would've been the BEST, if he ate mosquitoes, too!

He's a very quiet roommate with few demands. I just have to take him around to catch his food, and mist him every other day with water.

Kenyans are terribly scared of chameleons, so when I have guests, I have to put him in his cage...

Cool little creature, eh?

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  1. Caden saw the picture of your "lizard" this afternoon. He wants to come and see Elliot. So do Chris and I. :)