Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cooking in a coal stove

Since the beautiful little convection oven dear friends had given me blew up due to a transformer malfunction, I have had to revert to cooking in a coal oven. The last time I cooked chicken in an oven, I used the big oil-drum oven. Tonight, I used a smaller oven left by Amy Rogers.

It's always smart to try things before you invite guests over, but there's no way I'm going to cook an entire chicken just for myself, so I invited the neighbors. Almost an hour after they showed up for dinner, I finally rescued the chicken from the oven and threw it into my wok.

The chicken itself was OK. I had ordered a freshly slaughtered chicken from a neighbor who farms with chicken. "Keep the head and feet, please," I told Peris when I ordered my chicken earlier this week. She just laughed. "I know, you'll just get the chicken. Are you sure you don't want two?"

Tonight, as I tried cutting the meat off the bones, I figured why she offered two chickens. This baby grew up in the lean years!

Fortunately I had stuffed it with whole garlic, lime, lots of cashew nuts, threw mushrooms and zuchini into the dish with it all. And, of course, coconut milk with Thai green curry paste. We had it with rice.

As the chicken left the little oven, Kristin put a pan of brownies into the oven. Unfortutely, the fire died somewhere in the process, so after many efforts to revive the fire, I went to ask our kitchen if they still had some hot charcoal.

Which means, just about now, I should be able to take some hot brownies out of the oven...

Want to come over and enjoy some?

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