Monday, May 01, 2006


Tonight, I'm packing for Sudan. The audio equipment arrived today with Mark, the P.A. that's going with our team. I've been testing everything, including renaming files, moving files to my computer etc. It seems to work well. I am praying that everything will continue to work well on the field! I had purchased rechargable batteries, too, since I'll have to use batteries the entire time. There's no electricity, though, just a solar panel and a car battery. My camera batteries as well as the recorder batteries will have to be charged using that. That'll be a new experience for me!

So, other than battery chargers, my camera, tripod, rain cover for the camera and basic toiletries (including good mosquito repellant) and very little clothing, we're packing just one bed sheet per person (we had sent foam mattresses when Steven went back to Sudan by road). I'm taking a small pillow, small Bible, journal, notebook for interviews. And a travel-size mosquito net to sleep under (in the tent). And gumboots (rain boots). Can't forget the gumboots... Will have to pack a few snacks. Chocolates will melt...

Tomorrow, I still need to get lots of my regular work done! Tuesday, I head to Kipkaren for a team meeting and prayer time. Wednesday morning at 8:30, we'll board a 9-seater plane to Sudan.

I am blessed and humbled knowing that many of you are praying for this journey. Thank you!

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