Friday, May 19, 2006

Maasais chanting outside...

The training center classroom/dining room is just about 20 meters from my door, and the place is filled with Maasai pastors chanting. It's beautiful to hear how they worship God. They've been here the past 3 days for training.

It's hard to describe the songs floating into my room, even harder that it's not rehearsed. It's just part of their culture. I've asked an intern to record the singing tonight. Shall see if there's a way for me to upload the audio to my blog this weekend.

I'm in bed with a bit of a cold. Must've picked it up from the kids. Caroline (one of the girls) declared that I got my cold from the boys! Last night, I was elsewhere for a meeting and had to spend the night. I think I got it from lying awake from midnight till 3 last night because there was a rat in the ceiling of the hut in which I was staying. It got in between the plastic sheeting and the grass thatching and would only settle down when I shined my flashlight onto it. I lay there thanking God that I don't have rats in my house!

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