Friday, March 17, 2006

This is where I work

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My friend Amu e-mailed me yesterday asking to see what my house looks like from the outside now that it's done. Here it is.

The red soil will hopefully be covered with grass in a few months... The seeds are being sown this week.

Those clouds in the sky dropped a few rain drops today, but not a whole lot. I was indoors most of today trying to catch up on my communications work. Next week, I'll be out most of the time with the team from NY. The ladies will be working on a project that is amazing:

A nearby village (Plateau) had a terrible problem with alcoholism. Through ELI's anti-alcohol program, several ladies left their lives brewing potent alcohol called changaa ("kill me quick") and surrendered their lives to Christ. For a long time, they made paper for ELI, and ELI gave them a grant. Rather than spend the money, the ladies decided to invest it as a group and build small apartments. The first three are almost done.

Building the first unit has taken a long time, but the ladies (who now work at local rose nurseries) have been determined to see this project through.

The NY ladies are helping them next week by doing the decorating of the first two units, and then these can be rented out.

They are planning on saving the rental income yet again, and to continue building units until each one of them has one apartment to rent out. (There are more than 30 ladies in this group!)

What a powerful testimony of how God is using ELI to transform lives.

Don Rogers asked the chief of Plateau last weekend how many people in his village have been positively affected by ELI's AA program, and without hesitation, the chief said "75%!" Don asked again, and the chief insisted that at least 800 or so people have been positively affected by this program. (That includes brewers who left their lifestyles and found better jobs, people who won the battle again alcholism, children who now have better lives as a result of their parents turning away from alcohol.)

Yeah God, eh?

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  1. Amen Adele! Amen!
    That is wonderful to see how God is using ELI to transform lives individually and which will impact the nation as well.

    Your house looks really nice from outside as well. I like the shot with the clouds on top.