Friday, March 03, 2006

My place

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Last night, I had my first guests over for dinner. I've had several meetings in my house (for work) and tomorrow, I'm having two families over for chai.

On Saturday, all the kids from the Children's Home will come over and surround the house and pray to dedicate it for God's purposes. I'll take photos, of course.

The place really is simple, but comfortable. At this stage, the only problem is that there's hardly any water pressure. The shower is but a trickle. But that is being worked on and should be fixed tomorrow. (The pipes for repiping outdoors etc is ready.)

I'm really tired tonight and am heading to bed. Yikes, it's after midnight again. I've been up till 1 or 2 am for the past few evenings and hope to get a really good night's sleep tonight.


  1. Your place looks amazing!! I love it and can't wait to come visit and have a cuppa chai!! I am working on my flower beds this weekend, so I will be thinking of you doing yours and praying for you!!! Much love!

  2. Hi ...
    I am an Advanced listener of studio class room. I just heard about your blog from the program and come here to say hi right away. You have a lovely home. Wish you have a wonderful life in Kenya.