Sunday, March 19, 2006

Life Happens

This morning, I woke up to news that one of the visiting team members had lost a relative. It is so hard breaking such news to someone, especially when they're far from their support system. The lady's husband was also here, but he had left for Tanzania to work on a project there for ELI. So my morning was spent finding them flights home. The fact that things fell in place the way they did, and that the couple are right now on a flight home from Nairobi, truly is a testimony that God still does miracles!

It seemed like this week was full of unusual events in that way. Someone in our neighborhood's son was diagnosed this week with epilepsy. He's a wonderful kid whom I got to know at VBS in December, and I'm praying that God will heal him! (Will you please pray for him, too?) At this stage, his family seems overwhelmed by his condition. But yet again, in a way only God could orchestrate, a pediatrician from Indiana University just "happened to" visit our center the day after the boy had been diagnosed, so she could sit down and talk with the mom about the condition, about medication etc. In fact, the Bible study group of the couple who had left today had sent the couple with funding which they asked them to use for a need here, and thus their small group was able to provide the necessary funding for the boy's medication.

The team that's currently here have been working on various projects, among other things, redecorating our chapel/dining room/training center. The place looks WONDERFUL, and I can't wait to see people's faces tomorrow when they walk into church and see the transformation.

It was fun to see the children's responses today when they came in for their Saturday afternoon movie and they noticed the paint and curtains. I started showing Hermie (by Max Lucado), but the DVD was badly scratched, so we had to switch to the VeggieTale version of David and Goliath. (Some of the boys had been asking the past week if we can please see this story.) The kids cheered and cheered when the giant fell over!

This coming week will be a busy one with me being gone most days with the team as they work on an off-site project. The highlight of the week will be Saturday: It's our second annual Guardians' Day. Most of our kids do have some distant relatives, and one day a year all these relatives are brought in to come and visit. This is a MAJOR event, with 700 guests expected. I'll be taking photos all day. All but two kids, I believe, have relatives coming. Those two literally have no living relatives, and some of the visitors will be "mom" for the day and escort the kids on the tours, photo ops etc. My heart breaks for them!

Will you please pray for this event? Many of the kids came to us not knowing Christ, but are now believers. This is an opportunity for them to share Christ with unbelieving relatives. It is also a time of forgiveness. Last year, for example, one girl extended forgiveness to her relatives who had abused her while she was under their care. For some of the kids--especially the very little ones--it's a difficult day. Last year, some of them refused to acknowledge knowing their relatives for fear that they might be sent home with them again...

Please pray that the kids will be able to share Christ with their relatives this coming Saturday, that those who need to forgive will take the opportunity to do so, that those who are afraid for what the day may bring, will be flooded with God's peace. May prayer is that all the events of the day will be pleasing to God and bring Him glory, and that the kids--all 97 of them--will be able to go to bed with a smile on their faces that night.

I do hope to write some during the course of the week, though.

Until then,
Lala salama (sleep well)

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