Monday, March 06, 2006

"I want to collect 10 bags of clothes..."

Three young girls stopped by my house this afternoon. One's neck was stiff, and I was going to put some Tiger balm on the sore spot. They were, of course, too happy to be invited in for some soda. They inspected every nook and cranny in my house, wanting to know what everything was. "Your house is SOOOOO clean!" Scopia kept saying. "Can we open the fridge? What's this? ... And this? ... This is an APPLE?"

They're cute. We sat down and visited, them trying their utmost best to be little ladies, yet the kid in them gulped down cookie after cookie. I smiled. That's why I have cookies, after all!

Before long, the conversation turned to Sudan. They talked about how sad it was to see pictures of the kids in Sudan who don't have clothes.

"When I'm big, I want to collect 10 bags of clothes and take it to the children in Sudan!" Ruth declared. She got so excited about all the things she wanted to do, she switched to Swahili, explaining to her friends how she would cook for the children there.

"You know, we eat FOUR meals a day!" she explained. (They get a small meal at school in addition to their three meals at the children's home.) "Those children, they only eat three times a WEEK. Eh!'

They proceeded to tell me how moved they were, and what ideas they are having. In fact, some want to go through their clothing now and send some to the children in Sudan! Some of the parents were even saying that our kids have been praying for their friends in Sudan, and that many of them have been saying that they feel really bad now if they have left-overs. "Eh!" the kids would say. "This could feed one child in Sudan."

Please pray for our kids as they consider how God would use them to bless their neighbors to our north.

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